Featured Comments: Week of 2011 December 25

Happy new year 2012! There were no "Featured Comments" posts the past 2 weeks as there were no comments that got posts those weeks. This week, there was one post that got a whole bunch of comments, so I'll repost a few of those.

Review: Chakra 2011.12 "Edn"

Reader Antonio Jones said, "I installed chakra today, not bad but i had some issues: - font rendering, i can' t live without ubuntu style of rendering fonts. Chakra don't look cool. Any solution to font rendering? - your bar is semi-transparent, how do you configure it? By the way, chakra looks like one of the best distros around kde. I like Pardus, but seems to have less popularity. Mandriva was a hell for me, but i like the way it does things."
An anonymous commenter had this experience to share: "I installed Chakra recently on a troublesome laptop. This laptop does not like the new 3.0 kernels with any distro. Chakra supplies a LTS kernel which works very well. I'm liking KDE after trying out Unity and Gnome 3. Chakra has a polished feel to it."
Reader 3rabuntu had this tip: "To preview videos, make sure you installed kffmpegthumbnail or mplayerthumbnail then enable it in Dolphin (Settings > General > Previews >Video Files). Also, you need to increase the limit to something like 2000 MB for local files (default is set to 5MB). KDE is a great platform and can be tweaked easily to your liking. It just doesn't have sane default options. Cheers"
Commenter TanKe said, "I have been testing chakra since almost the beginning. I loved to see an Arch made easy but it was terrible then with the software manager (Shaman) and they had a lot of conflicts too. Then they changed to their own packaging based or arch making it more stable but the tools they wrote (installer, package manager and so on fail to work properly from time to time. I'm going to test this very last Chakra to see if everything works this time."

Thanks to all those who commented on this past week's posts. This coming week, I will have at least one review of some sort out. Another review may come either this week or next week. In any case, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting! And once again, happy new year 2012!
(UPDATE: I accidentally wrote the wrong date. I guess I still haven't gotten enough sleep. My bad!)


  1. Hi again,
    i'm an old gnome-fan who wants to try KDE style. After a horrible experiences on KDE oriented distros like Mandriva, a not so bad install of Chakra and a not so good experiences with distros like Pardus i arrived to Mageia.

    Mageia it's the best distro on KDE desktop that i tried. All works ok, including kde desktop efects, not working on any distro in my computer. Easy to install, easy to customize, easy to work with. And is only the first revision. In 2012 i'm sure Mageia can excel.

  2. @Antonio Jones: Well, it's great that you've been able to find success with Mageia. Thanks for the comment!