Moved Closer to UC Davis

This is an update from the last few weeks. I have finally moved, a year later than originally planned, and live closer to my job at UC Davis. This has allowed me to go into the office regularly, which in turn has allowed me to meet my supervisors and colleagues in person after having worked remotely for a year. I was really looking forward to this because I felt that when I and my colleagues were all working remotely, it was much harder to exchange ideas, get feedback on my ideas and progress, and learn about the tricks of the trade. In particular, when everyone was working fully remotely, I would have needed to schedule meetings with colleagues in the absence of serendipitous in-person interactions, and others would feel similarly about each other too. I felt this made it easier (almost like the Nash equilibrium of a prisoner's dilemma game) for each individual to settle for limited scheduled virtual interactions punctuating long stretches of working alone without much feedback instead of making that effort to keep meeting regularly; I certainly felt that the need to schedule each remote meeting and the challenges associated with interacting remotely left me feeling more tired & less motivated than would be the case when working in person. Separately, I've been able to explore the town of Davis a little more: I appreciate the presence of sidewalks on every road, though they could be a little better designed. Plus, the weather right now is quite hot, and as climate change makes summers hotter & longer and fire seasons longer & more intense, I wonder how much longer I'll feel comfortable living here in the long-run, though I can see myself living here comfortably in the short-run.