Featured Comments: Week of 2012 January 15

There was one post this past week that got a whole bunch of comments, so I'll repost a few of them.

Review: Fuduntu 2012.1

Reader Fewt, who is the main Fuduntu developer, clarified reason for the issue that I was having: "There is a problem with our LibreOffice package (my fault) that causes it to use a lot more space than normally necessary (over 1GB). I'm working on a fix, but you probably saw your system run out of memory and oom killer ate some of your running processes. Sorry about that."
Commenter enrico said, "[I]nstall software in a live environment is a nightmare, in every distro you can try there are some errors, or at least glitch that cause every error you can imagine... A good review is made when software is installed in a real or virtual machine, live cd are a good thing, but some software and the stability of the distro is only a matter of luck... even sabayon has a live dvdfull of software, really good, but if you try to installa anything in live session,there are always crashes... in a virtual setup, there are no such things.. the same occur using a opensuse live cd...and the setups of this distros are stable as debian is."
An anonymous reader had this to say: "Perhaps this should have been named a "live" environment review because basing it totally off of that experience only covers a small portion of a distro's capabilities and character. Thanks for the effort of writing one up though. Hopefully you can try Fuduntu in the future and give it a fair chance."
Another anonymous commenter had these bits of advice: "Not related to fuduntu, but I want to share. I remember reading a live cd review where the author recommended installing distro x. i asked about package manager and he didn´t know. He said he never bothered because he just uses the vanilla distro and doesn´t install anything new. Yet I think it´s kind of unfair not mentioning and not looking at methods of installing new software. Yet a fuller review, where one installs and uses the distro for about a week as his main system and really tries everything he/she normally does, is rare. Understandable. Because Linux still sucks that much. It´s great but it sucks that much that You have to face these hickups.  I installed Kubuntu on my laptop and thought it was great. Updated to latest KDE SC...ah. And then my girlfriend was unable to set up wireless. And she was right. The issue is now fixed but I can not blaim her. Sometimes You really need another PC to google Your problem. So, it´s easy to say: write a full review. An I agree that some reviews are really, really shallow, often barely more than a summary of the release notes and screenshots (not PV´s though). This is all free. Open a blog, download the distro and start writing."

Thanks to all those who commented on that post this past week. This coming week, I intend to have another review out at least. In any case, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!

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