In Protest of SOPA/PIPA: Das U-Blackout

There are a lot of sites that are blacking out on Wednesday, 2012 January 18 to protest SOPA and PIPA together. I know this site doesn't get that much traffic except when I post OS & related reviews and they get on sites like LXer, but I feel like I couldn't have it on my conscience to not show solidarity in this move. Therefore, I will try to take everything on this site offline tomorrow except for this post. I wanted to post something tomorrow, but it [the rest of this sentence has been removed as per SOPA].
Toodle-oo! And just remember, this will become the norm if those bills get passed. This won't affect just small-time sites like mine, but big ones too. If you don't like that, contact your elected representatives and tell them what you think. Even if the only effect is that a staffer adds another tally to the box saying "SOPA [or PIPA]: opposed", that's fine. Do it!

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