Variations of Coastal Monsoon Climates with Latitude

I have learned about different aspects of the Earth's climate and shared what I've learned over 5 posts in 2022, including basic intuitions for why different climates occur in different regions [LINK], my assessment of the deficiencies of the Trewartha climate classification system [LINK], what I would change about the Trewartha climate classification system [LINK], how my proposed changes to the Trewartha climate classification system can be applied to understand what climates occur where in middle latitudes [LINK], and why popular understanding of the effects of the Gulf Stream over the Atlantic Ocean on the climate of Europe is incorrect in many ways [LINK]. Ultimately, my learning about different aspects of the climates of the world was done with the personal aim of understanding why cities on opposite coasts of the US at the same latitudes have such different climates, with those on the west coast having characteristically mild to hot arid rainless summers & cool (but not cold) rainy winters and those on the east coast having typically warm or hot humid rainy summers & cool or cold slightly drier but still rainy or snowy winters. I did learn about that to a great extent, but as I learned more, I started to question whether my previous intuitions (from when I started learning about different climates) were correct. Follow the jump to see more and the resolution to this problem. Again, I am not a trained climatologist or meteorologist; I can't guarantee that this information is accurate, and I can only say that my intuitions seem through my limited understanding to align with superficial aspects of more detailed explanations.