Poll: Should I Switch away from Linux Mint?

For over two years, Linux Mint has served me quite well. It's been incredibly easy to use and learn and just a pleasure to work with. It comes with the software I need (and really easy ways to get more stuff too), it's polished, it has a beautiful interface, and it's generally very stable. That said, I've been having a few issues with it lately. One regards Adobe Flash and the fact that I'm on a 64-bit system: until a couple months ago, I wasn't able to watch Hulu at all, and I'm still not able to use AV by AIM, which requires an up-to-date fully functional Adobe Flash plugin. The AV by AIM thing may seem a bit trivial, except that I need to actively look for alternatives to Skype so that if and when Microsoft decides to end Skype support for Linux, I won't be left floundering all of a sudden. In addition, I still sometimes have issues of Compiz removing my titlebars upon startup, the theme not loading properly on startup, Conky overlapping with other windows, and some panel applets disappearing/crashing from time to time. Sure, many of these things are the results of my own tinkering with the system, but it's still annoying to deal with those issues, as I would expect those breakages to not occur at all. And finally, I guess at this point, I just want something new and fresh to take my breath away again.

At the same time, readers of this blog know that I'm also enamored with #!. It's stable, fast, and quite lightweight, yet in almost all respects it's just as easy to use as Linux Mint. Other things in its favor are using Openbox instead of Compiz (meaning I get to play with cool transparency effects without worrying about titlebars disappearing), having a good way to upgrade packages and the system as it's based on Debian (pointing the package manager to new repositories and then upgrading usually works on Debian but not on Ubuntu), and having a working Adobe Flash plugin that lets me use Hulu and AV by AIM out-of-the-box even in the 64-bit version. The biggest downside will be the lack of niceties like the Linux Mint menu and tools along with the corresponding need to do some more manual configuration.

Other options include Pinguy OS 11.04 and Linux Mint 11 "Katya" GNOME, which I know work well with Hulu and AV by AIM but which won't be supported for as long.
So what should I do? Should I stick with my tried-and-true, familiar Linux Mint 9 LTS "Isadora" GNOME? Or should I switch to #! 10 "Statler"? Or should I switch to one of the other alternatives I listed? Or should I switch to another distribution entirely? (Please note that I'm trying to minimize manual configuration; I'm trying to get stuff done on my computer, after all. Therefore, no Gentoo/Slackware/Arch/et cetera for me, but derivatives may be welcome. Also, Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X are not welcomed as suggestions. I'm not going back to Microsoft Windows, and I'm not buying an Apple product.) Please let me know in the comments!