Preview: Pardus 2011 Beta

Before I get to the review, I want to say that while I tested Pardus 2009.2 on my old computer in VirtualBox with 448 MB of RAM, I have tested Pardus 2011 Beta on my new laptop in VirtualBox with 1024 MB of RAM, so it isn't quite an apples-to-apples comparison. Please keep this as well as the fact that I'm previewing a beta release in mind for the rest of this post.
If you couldn't glean what I'm about to say from the opening paragraph, I'll just say it: the review didn't go well at all. I raved about Pardus 2009.2 "Geronticus Eremita" in my comparison of KDE distributions for its amazing tools designed to make new users feel right at home. Well, I can't similarly rave about Pardus 2011 Beta. Why? It just refused to load the desktop. No matter what combination of boot options I chose at the boot menu, it would fly through the Plymouth boot splash and then display a blank screen and hang there. That's bad. I hope the developers of Pardus get their act together before the official release, because it would truly be a shame to see such a wonderful distribution fall so much from one release to the next.


  1. It rox on my computer... First with VirtualBox then in a dedicated Partition. Pardus looks great


  2. It isn't too great on my PC either. The alpha release had to use KDE safe node to boot into a desktop. pisi update-repo and pisi update seemed to upgrade the system until I installed the nvidia drivers, then that failed as well.A fresh beta install attempt ends with a slew of partition errors and a traceback report with no viable option to send it back to the developers. My experience with Pardus is going downhill fast. I used to be forgiving of Pardus' small selection of software because of it's stellar stability and speed, but if the final is no better, my Pardus partitions will get formatted into something considerably less bug free.

  3. @Sylvain: Well, I'm really glad that it works on your computer. It certainly does look better (though I wonder why they've replaced the Kickoff menu's Pardus logo with a generic KDE logo), and the installation procedure (which was already quite good) seems to be even more improved. Thanks for the comment and the tip!
    @Brian: Yes, I'm also forgiving of this for being a beta release, but I sure don't want to see this in the final release. Thanks for the comment!