Another Quick Update on Fresh OS

I have exams on Friday (today) and Monday, so I'm pretty busy for these few days. However, after my Monday exam, I'll be a lot more free, meaning that I'll be able to tweak Fresh OS some more.
I read WebUpd8 pretty often, and they had an article this week about Manhattan OS, a custom Ubuntu build with GNOME and Plasma along with a bunch of other cool goodies, being renamed Jupiter OS and moving to a rolling-release Debian base. Hey, that sounds a lot like Fresh OS! I'm already feeling the competition (hehheh). I guess that's one incentive to push out a new release of Fresh OS as soon as possible.
My other incentive is that one of my friends has expressed an interest in installing Linux on her computer. As her computer is fairly old and is somewhat limited in RAM, I'm thinking of either installing Linux Mint 9 LTS "Isadora" LXDE or Linux Mint "Debian", both of which are fairly lightweight. I'm leaning towards the latter due to the greater number of features in GNOME vs. LXDE as well as the rolling-release nature of the latter. This could also give me a chance to install Fresh OS. What I'll probably end up doing is installing Linux Mint "Debian" and building it up into Fresh OS by manually getting the necessary packages.
Finally, Fresh OS itself is progressing nicely. For some reason, try as I might, I just can't change the background and theme in GDM 3 (though I successfully did it before, so it may have to do with an update to GDM 3). However, the GNOME Panel global menu applet from Hadret's Debian repository works very well, and so does the Elementary theme. I still need to work out the bottom panel/panel-replacement and the browser (and maybe a couple of other applications), and I'll be mostly done. I think I can push out a new release by next week. Yay!

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