Movie Review: Talledega Nights

I'll say it up front: I only watched about the first 20 minutes (or maybe a little more). The primary reason for this is that I'm a little busy (and writing this is my short break). This is why I didn't feel uncomfortable leaving so soon. The secondary reason is that it just wasn't all that great. Sure, it seemed to have a few cheap laughs here and there, but the story just didn't seem to get anywhere. It just seemed like one of those cheap comedy flicks with lots of stupid jokes and boobs. If I had more time, I would have probably sat through the whole thing, but I don't imagine that I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more.
On the upside, the pizza served at the movie was amazing. In fact, I would call it the best delivery pizza I have ever had. It's from a local restaurant called Figs, and the pizza I had was rather flavorful, especially for not having any vegetables on top; instead, it had olive oil, oregano, and parmesan instead of regular cooking oil and mozzarella. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good pizza place in Boston, though as I just saw online, it's a tad on the expensive side.

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