Featured Comments: Week of 2010 October 3

The 2 posts that garnered comments this week were both my previews of Debian 6 "Squeeze" (which I had embarrassingly misspelled as "Sqeeze" in both article titles — eek!). As always, I won't be able to include every comment, but don't feel bad if yours isn't included.

Preview: Debian 6 "Squeeze" (Part 1: GNOME)

An anonymous reader pointed out a way to have both a stable Debian base combined with the newest versions of other applications. "I like a very stable system but newest desktop software (firefox, chromium, vlc, banshee, thunderbird...) that can be easily achieved in Debian by using apt pinning.
So, my system has all the new packages for desktop and all the stable packages for the bare system which makes it rock solid.
Who says you can't have it both? :)" S/he details how to do this in a later comment (which is too detailed to include here).
Another anonymous commenter reasons out the inclusion of Epiphany vs. Midori: "I'm a KDE fan myself, but as for Midori replacing Epiphany in Debian's default install, I don't see that happening. Epiphany is GNOME's default browser, and I doubt that will change any more than Rekonq replacing Konqueror as KDE's default browser (which is good, as I don't like Rekonq at all, no offense to its developer). Debian sticks to the default, hence Epiphany being included."
It was commenter Ivan who pointed out the spelling error: "Titulo mal escrito: squeeze no sqeeze". I tip my hat to him!
Reader Bob Robertson has this to say about Debian: "Debian Live is a great development. I hope that the "standard" Debian installation becomes the Debian Live for "desktop" systems, and the Bootable Business Card "network install" for those (like me) who like to do things interactively, building a system up from the bottom. Debian is as relevant now as it has ever been. Thank you, Debian Developers!"

Preview: Debian 6 "Squeeze" (Part 2: KDE)

Reader lefty.crupps had this to say about Debian and KDE: "It seems surprising that KPackage isn't installed by default, but AFAIK there isn't (yet??) an update-installer thing for KDE. While I love KDE, its too bad that distro people seem to figure we won't want Firefox (with Oxygen theme!) or won't want the OpenOffice.org to be themed to KDE. Debian with KDE is currently my favorite setup. It is fast and slick and KDE is rather default. However, for new users, yes I agree that Mepis is great and the next release will be even better."

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