Reflection: Raffle Fundraiser

I'd like to do a little retrospective about the Robotics Club and it's most recent fundraiser - the raffle sale with prizes consisting of Chipotle gift cards.
Overall, we made $114, but the gift cards cost $50 in total. $64 in profits is certainly more than what I was expecting.
I want to thank everyone who helped out with this and bought tickets. You've all been amazing. Again, thank you.
That said, there were quite a few things that went wrong.
First, our advertising campaign was not timely. Part of this is my fault, as I did not create and post the fliers in a timely manner (I did it on the schoolday before the first day of sales). Also, some of the fliers could have been posted in strategically better locations. Furthermore, the video could have been made and submitted to the TV studio in a more timely manner. To those whom it may concern, please do not wait until the last second for making and submitting a video for the morning announcements!
Second, we really overestimated the number of people who like Chipotle. This was based off of an unscientific appraisal of classmates' preferences. Next time, we should either sell baked goods, fried rice, or samosas.
Third, the box was mishandled. Next time, there should always be someone attending the table.
Fourth, the tickets were mishandled. Everyone should know exactly what to do when distributing goods and collecting money.
Fifth, we are the Robotics Club. I am not ashamed of this, but this club doesn't exactly inspire the same kinds of contributions from outsiders as does the National Honors Society.
Sixth, the fundraiser itself was a week long. On the one hand, it may have helped bring in more money overall, but on the other hand, there were a lot of multiple requests for others to buy tickets. This probably ticked a lot of people off.
Seventh, the entire after-school thing was mishandled. The first day, this was my fault in that I didn't show up soon enough. The next 2 days, however, made me mad. I had booked the entire week for all those times and it was OK. On Tuesday, however, the Happy-happy-joy-joy-sunshine club shows up; on Wednesday, it's the Fried Rice sale. If there really is a conflict, can't the administrators notify the later group properly? Also, isn't robotics more important to the academic advancement of this school than happy-joy-sunshine or whatever?
Let's all keep this in mind for the next fundraiser.
Anything I missed?


  1. haha so where are we doing the drawing

  2. We'll do the drawing in private on Monday and send in the results for an announcement on Wednesday.