Let's Clear a Few Things Up

A comment by one of my friends (if you are reading this, you know who you are) today gave me the idea of this post.
Let's clear a few things up about Linux.
First and foremost, Linux is open-source. (Squabble with me about the terminology if you'd like, but that's for another day.) This means that anyone can view and do anything (modify, distribute, etc.) with the source code and program freely and legally.
Next, most, though not all, Linux distributions are free of charge. This means that they are available online for free download (and legally so).
Finally, Linux is an operating system. It is not a Windows-based program (and yes, I have heard people call it that).


  1. Lol Wut? People have said Linux is Windows Based? That's really stupid. You shouldn't even have to make this post, most of it is complete common sense and/or can be found out with little to no research. Stupidity at its best eh?

    - Nav

  2. I haven't personally heard people call Linux a Windows program, but I have seen other people blog about it. It hurt a bit, though another commenter did say that it was an opportunity rather than a painful moment. Saying it's a Windows program that can operate on its own, play games, access the web, do other stuff, and stay stable and virus-free would shock the heck out of them.
    Furthermore, if I never said this, that person would never know.