128-bit Windows

A few Linux blogs (e.g. Linux in Exile, Linux Today Blog, etc.) are decrying the new proposal for 128-bit Windows.
Now, I'm no Microsoft fan, but I repeat:
It seems to me that these Linux bloggers (who I do otherwise respect) are hating on it just because they didn't develop it but Microsoft is.
Now, it may also be because given Microsoft's history of making all of their software as closed/proprietary as possible, this new 128-bit proposal will result in a more proprietary FAT128 format, among other things.
That makes sense.
Otherwise, what's the big deal?
Isn't the point of Linux, free software, and other open things to innovate upon other people's already good work?
This seems to me like not a legitimate case of Microsoft hate but just pure jealousy.
Just this time, please stop.


  1. Yup. Let Microsoft do whatever they want with their proprietary stuff. The open-source community should be focused on developing the best software that _they_ can irrespective of what Microsoft is doing. That is how you become innovative instead of copying.

  2. My thing is more that rather than take their own steps to innovate and develop a 128-bit OS, Linux developers are almost BLAMING Microsoft for innovating.
    It's almost a visceral response to anything Microsoft. It's usually justified (upon further inspection), but this time it isn't.