Featured Comments: Week of 2013 December 8

There was one post that got a couple of comments, so I'll repost both of those.
Review: openSUSE 13.1 GNOME
Reader Kaf Shiel said, "Thanks for the excellent review. I tried the live usb openSUSE 13.1 RC with the Gnome desktop but it wouldn't boot to the desktop. Then I found out online that it was a bug affecting more users. After reading your review I'll give it another go. I have a friend that uses openSUSE and he swears by it so I'm curious, although I think that it's not for distro hoppers. It's more like a full install commitment. I use Ubuntu Studio (I'm an amateur musician) and Voyager (both have the Xubuntu engine) in both my workstation and netbook because I really love the Xfce desktop but I like to test other distros for fun (tested Tails 0.22 today). I love your blog and understand that your academic life won't give you enough time to write every week but when you post something new I always come here to read. Merry Christmas!"
Commenter alcalde had this to say: "I wish reviewers would stop reviewing the live CDs. That's Ubuntu thinking, and OpenSUSE is not Ubuntu. The Live CDs are not the default or preferred installation medium and are not tested to the same degree as the DVD installer, nor are they even close to being the most downloaded versions of OpenSUSE. They're presented for convenience only. When you use these live CDs you do not get the full OpenSUSE install experience. Unlike the CDs, the DVD offers many more options, including the ability to customize the install by choosing which packages to (not) install. Calc is included in a normal install of OpenSUSE; this is another artifact of trying to squeeze OpenSUSE onto a live disk. There are some other differences, including the DVD installing Flash during the update process, being able to update before being dropped into the desktop, etc. Why would one want to recommend GNOME for newbies? Far and away KDE is going to most resemble what they're used to already."

Thanks to both of those people for commenting on that post. I have another review written up that will be out this week. In addition, this week is my week of final exams, so I'll be writing a reflection on the semester at the end of that. Anyway, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!