Done with 7th Semester!

It finally happened! The end of the semester rushed in and washed over just as quickly. My classes — 8.07 — Electromagnetism II, 8.09 — Classical Mechanics III, 8.333 — Statistical Mechanics I, and 14.12 — Economic Applications of Game Theory — were all together a bit more challenging than I anticipated. On top of that, I worked a lot on my UROP, and of course I had to submit graduate school applications by last weekend. Thankfully, my classes and graduate school applications are done. Now I can go home, relax, enjoy the company of family and friends...and probably work on my UROP. Of course, I'll be continuing my UROP over IAP, but I hope to be transitioning into a new project then, so I hope to get a fair amount of my current project done during the break. Happy holidays everyone!