Featured Comments: Week of 2013 August 18

There was one post this past week that got a few comments, so I'll repost one of those.

Cap and Trade and Soda

After an odd irritable initial pair of ranting comments, an anonymous reader followed up with this: "i apologize for my snide remarks before. i was just irritated. okay, so maybe there are a few other ingredients (like oils). it might be worth your while to check out OpenCola, which (or so i've heard online) tastes pretty close to Coke. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenCola_(drink)".

Thanks to that commenter for that (and especially also for apologizing about the previous comments). This coming week I will have a few more posts about quantum field theory out, but no reviews as I had promised, as that will likely have to wait until after I get back to campus next week. In the meantime, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!

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