Done with 6th Semester!

I'm done with junior year! The spring semester was a bit more manageable than the fall semester, but was still challenging nevertheless. I intentionally chose to take only 3 classes: 8.06 — Quantum Physics III, 8.14 — Experimental Physics II, and 14.03 — Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy. I did this so that I could spend more time on each of those classes (especially 8.14 — Experimental Physics II) as well as on my UROP. Speaking of my UROP, things were progressing rather slowly in the beginning of the semester and only slowed further from there, until just after spring break, at which point progress went extremely quickly. I'm really looking forward to being able to make more such progress in the summer; plus, I may even be able to start on a new project about the Casimir effect, about which I wrote a paper for 8.06 — Quantum Physics III. Before that, I'm spending two weeks at home. For these next few days, I'm just going to relax and spend time and travel with family. After that, I'll probably be able to start work again on my UROP; a few weeks into the summer, I intend to start looking seriously into graduate programs in physics. Anyway, at last, it is summer!