Featured Comments: Week of 2013 May 12

There was one post this past week that got a handful of comments, so I will repost most of those. Also, I should mention that despite that post being a very short review-esque update, it somehow managed to get several thousands of views more quickly than any other post. I'd be curious to know where a lot of those views came from.

Review: CrunchBang ("#!") Linux 11 "Waldorf"

Reader DarkDuck shared, "I would not recommend #! to newbies. It's still to rough. But as soon as you become comfortable with the Linux system architecture and approach, #! maybe a good alternative. My own review of #!: http://linuxblog.darkduck.com/2012/03/crunchbang-linux-good-system-for.html".
Commenter krpalospo had the following question: "I really like debian, it was my first distro, but i have a question this distribution has support for apt-repository like ubuntu's distros the main reason for no using debian right now it's that this ubuntu tools help a lot in configuration of package system".
Reader Wolf had this to say: "Nice small delta review. I might try it someday, although I'm usually happy with Ubuntu LTS releases. One small thing: you may find even with error bars that 148 MB steady state RAM used is significantly different than the 150 MB steady state of before, but I question the practicality of this difference. 2 megabytes shaved off of steady state seems, practically, insignificant. I mean we are regularly seeing 32 and 64 GB RAM machines now, with 128 GB, 256 GB and higher on the high end. 2 MB steady state saved is miniscule."
An anonymous commenter asked, "Why isn't Semplice getting the attention it deserves. Imho it is better than #!, Been running it for a couple of weeks now and it a lot more polished than Crunchbang. Give Semplice a try."

Thanks to all those who commented on that post. This coming week, I have final exams and then I will be traveling home. My final exams go until (and include) Wednesday, so I won't really be able to write anything new for the week. However, I do have an already-written review on hold to publish this week. Also, I'll probably put out a post concerning the semester that is almost completed. Anyway, if you like what I write, please keep on subscribing and commenting!

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