Featured Comments: Week of 2012 February 12

There was one post this past week that got a couple comments, so I will repost those.

Review: Salix OS 13.37 Xfce Live

An anonymous reader said, "Good to see a review of a less well known distro. Salix is rather less newbie friendly than (say) Vector Linux and I think that is intentional. It's meant to be close to the real Slackware experience with a few conveniences, but dependency checking in Sourcery is not one of them. It's meant to be 100% compatible with Slackware, so if the base distro uses an old version of xfce then so will Salix. It does take a bit of effort to set things up just so, but the devs are very knowledgeable if you ask on the forum. The reward for your efforts is a stable, fast distro that just keeps out of your way. I'm using the installed version by the way. Testing the live version is valid of course, but it only tells you half the story. I didn't like the live version much last time I tried it."
Another anonymous commenter asked, "Did audio work? I see so many distros where it doesn't."

Thanks to those two for commenting on that post. This coming week, I intend to have another review and at least one other post out. Anyway, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!

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