Featured Comments: Week of 2012 February 5

There were no featured comments the previous week because I didn't post anything for that week due to my end-of-IAP business. There was one post this past week that got a couple of comments, so I will repost both of those.

Comparison Test: Linux Mint 12 "Lisa" KDE vs. Netrunner 4.1 "Dryland"

Reader Bart said, "It is a bit.. surprising to see a Facebook shortcut installed on a Linux desktop by default. You write that Netrunner also considers for example Google docs, GCal and Youtube as applications. So in that way it is a sort of a net-runner after all. Thanks for the comparison, I was indeed curious to hear more about Netrunner."
An anonymous commenter had this to say: "Given the web oriented mood Netrunner seems to have ... it would have been interesting checking, as a level of polish, the integration of Dropbox in Dolphin (context menu for Dropbox folders, etc...). On the other hand ... it would have also been interesting knowing a bit more about Blue-Systems, the main sponsor of Netrunner and Linux Mint by now. Good review, but as you can see the curiosity is even bigger. Ps.- Do you really believe they will join together ???"

Thanks to those commenters for commenting on this past week's posts. Depending on my workload this week, I may or may not be able to post anything, but if I do have that kind of time, I do have at least one thing in mind. In any case, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!

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