Featured Comments: Week of 2011 May 29

There were two posts that got quite a few comments this week, so I'll try to repost a few from each.

How-To: Make KDE Elementary

Reader Sreekumar said, "This article is good. I am a kde fan and i wonder why so many people treating like it as second-rated.Great reading and Thank you"
An anonymous commenter said, "KDE 3.x was better than KDE 4+ will ever be!" This same commenter later added, after my response, "I have KDE 3.5.10 but Trinity should be 3.5.12. The official site at trinitydesktop.org is down however. Other than being a faster desktop, I like 3.5.x is because it's virtually if not entirely bug-free, not full of glitzy and shiney see-through menus and widgets that just slows performance and general work productivity. Also, I have no intentions in wasting time learning to use new and not necessarily better user interfaces that in the end produces nothing more than the old more stable ones. Perhaps why Windows is so popular is because it really never changes much, even though it's a crap OS and desktop." The same commenter added again, after another of my responses, "Maybe I will give KDE 4.x another chance sooner or later. At the same time, if there's enough people out there who likes the KDE 3.x style, then surely that branch will continue and eventually evolve into a stand-alone desktop apart from KDE 4 and onwards. As it stands now, I don't think it's possible to have both KDE 3 and 4 on one file system. Too many conflicting system files. The good thing with Linux is however that there is always plenty of options."

Review: Linux Mint 11 "Katya" GNOME

An anonymous reader said, "Two points regarding your review: 1> for someone posting reviews that others may consider 'expert', it would be good if you actually read the release notes -- you would then KNOW about the compiz problem, and 2> personal preference regarding visual aspects of a distro hardly should really account for the overall value of the user experience -- beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. All in all, it is good that you have found a 'nit' to pick. Otherwise, how could you have justified the time taken to create this 'review'?"
Another anonymous commenter said, "@PV -- I guess the point that bothers me most about your review is its narrowness. The user interface issue is much more complicated than picking an initial 'look' for the newest edition of Linux Mint. The major desktop players (KDE, Gnome, AND Ubuntu) are making major changes in their desktop experience. Most, in my opinion, are trying to 'dumb down' the user interface in an attempt to attract more cell phone and tablet users over to the Linux desktop experience. Linux Mint has chosen to preserve the current user experience with Gnome 2 until the dust settles in this changing landscape. I think this is a courageous position that deserves some recognition, not criticism. Second, current Linux Mint users enjoy the ease of changing the 'default' desktop that Linux Mint devs provide. The attaching thread in Linux Mint forums, regarding user customization of the Linux Mint desktop, has enjoyed approximately 200,000 views and 6,000 posts: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10828 This seems to indicate a community that isn't deterred by what the distro devs provide as a first look. I commend you for taking the time and effort to provide the reviews that you do, as well as your willingness to take a public stance on your beliefs. I just wish you had taken a little larger perspective on the considerations most major distros are having to wrestle with. Hawkeye52@gmail.com" Also of note is that this was another comment that accidentally got caught in the spam filter. To all readers: please check back to make sure your comment has been posted. I don't personally moderate all comments, so once you enter the CAPTCHA, your comment should be visible. If it's not, please let me know with another comment.
Yet another anonymous reader suggested, "Give Pinguy OS 11.04.1 a try." I certainly will!
Still another anonymous commenter said, "I'm confused I have never had a problem with Linux Mint sooner, But one of my machines is behaving so weird with this system that after four days installing back Linix Mint 10 Julia who works 100% in all of my machines.this feels like a Rc or (nightly build)version."

Thanks to all those who commented on this past week's posts. This week, I hope to have two reviews out; the identity of one of those reviews should be obvious from the comments featured in this article. And remember, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing, commenting, and sharing these articles!

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