Featured Comments: Week of 2011 June 12

There were a few posts that got a whole bunch of comments, so I'll only be able to repost a few from each.

Microsoft Windows Update Annoyances Strike Again

An anonymous reader said, "I have Windows update disabled totally along with UAC and Windows Firewall. I consider it Microsoft's version of idiot-proofing"
Another anonymous commenter, in response to a comment asking about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of my decision, countered, "While closing the laptop lid does - usually - result in a sleep, the OS *should* be able to disable this feature when it is performing a critical task." And this has been my point all along.
Yet another anonymous reader added, "What's annoying is a lack of the system asking 'hey do you want me to download 5GB of updates now when you're about to shutdown the laptop trying to make it to your next meeting'? Or force the message that windows likes to use "we're giving you your updates whether you want them or not. Don't shut down until windows updates are complete or bad things will happen"? My Ubuntu systems will prompt a reminder that there are new updates so that I can choose to do it later when I have time to let it work away at the magic."
Still another anonymous commenter said, "I usually put my Windows laptop on the night before I actually might want it so the annoying updates can be done. Yes I find it mad coming from being a long time Linux user and it's the biggest pain whilst trying to work in the day job too the usually fortnightly push of updates grinding the machine close to a halt as they happen silently."

Poll: Should I Switch away from Linux Mint?

Reader Aks said, "I tested Linux Mint "Katya" Gnome version and it seems to work well. Since you have long been working with Linux Mint, you can switch to the new release. Switching to a new distro might require some time to learn new interface/tools. For me myself, I've been a long user of Fedora and Fedora is treating me quite well."
An anonymous commenter added, "Don't switch. After trying a lot of distro's there is no need to leave Linux Mint behind imho. The reason? Other distro's have issues as well because there is no silver bullet. Linux Mint comes closest to perfection, so file bug reports there and ask questions on their forums."
Reader Microlinux had this long suggestion: "I'm an IT consultant working 100% with GNU/Linux since 2001. I install Linux-based networks (servers and clients) for town halls, schools, public libraries and the likes. I also do some Linux training, and I'm quite proficient on most major - and some minor - distributions. I recently came back to Slackware, which was my first Linux distro back in 2001. There are a few reasons for that. 1) Slackware doesn't reinvent the wheel every six months like every other distro currently does. Take a peek at the init system of Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu and the likes. It's an unhealthy mix of SystemV, Upstart and systemd. Now compare that to Slackware's boot scripts: clean and well organized since 1993. 2) Healthy release cycle: Slackware releases roughly one new version in a year, which suits professional users well. Plus, versions back to 8.0 (that's ten years old!) are still supported for bug fixes. 3) Slackware *never* chokes on exotic hardware, because I can always configure it by hand. Now, install Fedora 15 or openSUSE 11.4 on machines with slightly older NVidia cards - which happens all the time in my day to day work - and appreciate the mess. 4) If I need a package not included in the distribution, there's SlackBuilds.org, but more often than not, I just quickly write a compilation script myself. Never seen an application that doesn't build on Slackware. Conclusion: if you're not a lamer for RTFM and got some basic UNIX skills, Slackware is my favourite choice, and the distribution I'd recommend to everyone. Plus, it's a lot of fun."
Another anonymous commenter said, "I am using LinuxMint Debian edition (xfce) and aptosid (also xfce). LMDE installed fine. Don't know what that one poster meant by installer being broken. Aptosid installed fine also. I use it because I like to be on the bleeding edge. With linuxmint, doing a dist-upgrade gets you the latest and greatest without having to do a complete new install. I have never had a problem doing a dist-upgrade. But to each his own. If you have the itch to switch, you have a lot of options."

FOLLOW-UP: Poll: Should I Switch away from Linux Mint?

Reader JJMacey said, "Sticking with what works is the point here. I am sticking with UBUNTU 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). I have given the last 2 UBUNTU newer versions a pass. I know Clem from the very early days of Linux Mint. If I want to change my OS Linux Mint will be the one I'll run. That is if I get that itch for something new."
Commenter larrythefreesoftwareguy supported this: "Sticking with what works is always a good policy."
An anonymous reader said, "The new Unity Desktop is totally unacceptable, and Ubuntu 11.04 running the Gnome classic Desktop is quite a disappointment compared to Ubuntu 10.10 so I'm seriously looking for another distribution as it appears Ubuntu is becoming less reliable with each upgrade. The main attraction to Ubuntu has always been the Gnome Desktop and Synaptic package manager, but the continuing unsolved bugs, and now frequent crashes of applications is giving me cause to look at other distributions."
Commenter Soak had this to say: "My desktop - which functions as a server throughout the house - has been running 10.04 very smoothly since installation and, for the purposes I'm using it, it will continue to do so until 'end of life' (and maybe after). On my laptop I'm running Mint for about a year now. Recently switched to Katya, but downgraded compiz to 0.86 caus'e upstream compiz was a DISASTER. Everyone experiencing troubles with upstream compiz (like disappearing window boarders, compiz crashes, etc) should downgrade. I've tried quite a few distro's before and after Ubuntu, but the only one that I REALLY liked was Mint. Like some say, it really is 'Ubuntu done right'.To be honest, I rarely ever use Linux for work, because the places I work at continue to install M$ (at least on their desktops). At home I rarely ever touch Windows though. To make a long story short. I have no doubt you made the right choice. I'm making the same one..."

Thanks to all those who commented on this past week's posts. I don't have anything in particular planned for this week, but I'm sure that I'll be able to write something. Remember, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing to, commenting on, and sharing this posts!

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