Movie Review: The King's Speech

Last night, I got to watch The King's Speech with my family. The plot is basically about how King George V (or "Bertie" to his family and speech therapist) of the United Kingdom struggles with his stutter (or "stammer" for those of you across the pond) and seeks the help of a speech therapist named Lionel Logue, and about how that relationship evolves and how the therapy ultimately culminates in an important wartime speech.
I think Colin Firth did a great job acting as Bertie, and he really makes the daily struggle believable. Personally, though, my favorite character was Lionel with all the silliness and fun he injects into Bertie's life. The scenes of Lionel peeking out sideways from the doorway as well as his utter lack of reverence for the high position of the king are moments from that film I won't forget.
Although there are many swear words throughout the film (hence its "R" rating in the US), I would highly recommend that anyone see it.

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