Done with 2nd Semester!

Today is my last day of my second semester at MIT, and that also marks the completion of my freshman year in college. Woohoo! I can finally relax for a few days. Finally.
Of course, that's only going to be for a few days, because next Monday I start my internship at NIST, and that'll be for 10-12 weeks. I'm excited about that too.
This semester was definitely harder than last semester, which is why I'm so much happier that I'm done with it now. Part of that is because the classes I took this semester were harder than the ones I took last semester. Part of that is because I enjoyed the classes last semester more than I did the classes this semester. And part of that is because of the pressure of grades; last semester was Pass/No Record, while this semester has been A/B/C/No Record.
If you're in school or college, how did you feel about this semester/academic term and/or academic year? Do you have any plans for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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