2011 Summer: First Day at NIST

My summer break started last Thursday, and this summer I'm working at NIST again. Today was my first day, and it was alright; it wasn't great only because orientation took the entire day, and it was kind of boring. That aside, I finally found out what I'm working on: I will be measuring the efficiencies and color qualities of various commercial LEDs (and hopefully progress from there). This is also my first paid internship, so that's also exciting.
To readers: has your summer started yet? What are your plans for the summer?


  1. @somethingquarky: Sounds great (for you, I hope)!

  2. My vacation is starting June 13.
    I don't really have any plans other than taking it easy.
    This will be the first free days for me since I started working after graduating about one year ago :)