Review: Madbox 10.10 (on Tech Drive-in)

Yay! I scored yet another guest post! This time it's a review of Madbox, a user-friendly Ubuntu-based Openbox distribution. Here's a little snippet of the original article:
MadBox is a relatively new Ubuntu-based Openbox distribution. It tries to cater to CrunchBang (“#!”) Linux users who want an Ubuntu-based Openbox distribution (as #! switched to a Debian base almost a year ago), as well as to users who want a fast and lightweight OS or one that will work on a slower computer without sacrificing polish.
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  1. MadBox provides for a really light distro and against what you measure with htop, it lands to the desktop at something between 75-80 MB of Ram. For a better accuracy you should use the "free" terminal command and take the second row figures under the column "used".

  2. @Anonymous: Are you saying that Htop was wrong or that I was doing something wrong? I would certainly love to have more accurate figures. That said, I just checked the "free" command and it claims that the system is using way more RAM than my Conky setup says (1.2 GB RAM used according to "free", 600 MB RAM used according to Conky, but this is also with Mozilla Firefox open). Would you happen to know why there's such a discrepancy? Anyway, thanks for the tip!