Comparison Test: CTKArchLive 0.6 vs. ArchBang 2011.01 "Symbiosis" (on FreeTechie)

Yay! I got another guest post! This time I compared ArchBang 2011.01 "Symbiosis" and CTKArchLive 0.6, two Arch-based Openbox distributions that try to make living with Arch a little easier (but don't quite cater to newbies like Chakra does). Here's a little snippet from that article:
After rebooting, I got to the boot menu, and selected the menu entry for CTKArchLive in English. (The only other option was French.) Unfortunately, I faced the same problem that I initially did in ArchBang, and here I had no “failsafe” option. Then, I figured that maybe if I included some of ArchBang’s “failsafe” boot options in CTKArchLive’s menu entry, it would work. I pressed CTRL+E at the boot menu on CTKArchLive’s menu entry, typed in “xorg=vesa” and “nomodeset” (both without quotation marks) at the end of the first run-on line, pressed CTRL+X, and went on my way. It worked, and I was able to get to the desktop.
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