Featured Comments: Week of 2011 February 6

There were only a couple of posts that garnered a few comments this past week, so I'll post all of those.

Review: Debian 6 "Squeeze"

An anonymous reader signed as Eddie Wilson had this to say: "I agree with your assessment of Debian 6.0. However I do believe that the Debian team will offer Gnome 3 when it becomes stable. I'm not sure if they will offer Unity or not. That is a wait and see item. The classic Gnome will not be developed anymore after Gnome 3 takes hold so who knows. The Debian team did adopt KDE 4.x so I'm sure they will go forward with the latest Gnome when it's stable. Good review and thank you."

Another anonymous commenter said, " I use Debian exclusively for my servers at work. I prefer Debian over Red Hat and other alternatives. I had previously used Ubuntu with extensive problems (constant rebooting for no apparent reason) which were all solved when I switched to Debian. I really like Debian's rock solid stability compared to Ubuntu for use as a server. I don't install X-Windows or a GUI, so most of this article didn't apply to me. I have not yet booted up a sandbox with Squeeze on it but I am looking forward to upgrading. I don't understand why Debian wouldn't be considered relevant. I see its purpose as a stable alternative to Ubuntu, rather than switching to something else like Red Hat."

Revisited: KDE 4.6

Reader Dustin Casler said, "Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to try out 4.6 and also been wanting to try Arch but never find myself with the time. I would have never thought of this. I have a few questions though. Were there any complications getting proprietary drivers/codecs/flash going? Also Would you mind posting or emailing me the commands you used to set it up automatically start KDE?", later adding, "Your Welcome. I saw this article at pretty much the perfect time. I've got Archbang installed, updated, and KDE added. Now i'm just having issues getting into that initrc file to change it to KDE. When I rebooted it doesn't show KDE in the session options. Going hunting in the forums now. Everything seems find with my Nvidia card, but I haven't tried using any desktop effects or playing any videos yet."

Thanks to all those who commented this week. I don't have anything really planned for this week as of yet; I am still waiting on Free Techie to accept and publish an article comparing ArchBang 2011.01 "Symbiosis" to CTKArchLive 0.6, both Arch-based Openbox distributions. Hopefully that'll happen soon, at which point I'll post a teaser and a link to the full article here. At some point (but by no means necessarily this week), I'm thinking of maybe reviewing #! 10 "Statler" R20110207 Xfce and ArchBang 2011.02 [no code names anymore] along with (when those distributions' newest versions get released) a comparison test whose participants I won't name...yet. Remember, if you like what I write here, please continue subscribing and commenting!

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