Featured Comments: Week of 2011 January 2

There weren't too many comments this week, so I'll post all of them.

Julian Assange: Traitor?

Reader T_Beermonster said, "I really don't see how an Australian citizen, operating a business out of Sweden and currently located in the UK, with no obvious allegiance to the US could be prosecuted for Treason by the US. Sedition suffers a similar hurdle. The most likely option would be espionage of some sort - but then it would be difficult to justify going after one publisher (Assange/Wikileaks) but not others (New York Times among others) unless there were evidence of that specific publisher inciting the actual "spy" to gather and supply the data."

Movie Review: 2012: Doomsday

An anonymous commenter had this experience to share: "I also saw this film with colleagues at work on our lunch hour, what a laugh we had at this pathetically bad movie. I bet though that they got pretty decent money on this confusion with the other movie."

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