Featured Comments: Week of 2011 January 23

There was only one post this week that garnered comments, so I'll post all of those.

Preview: Bodhi Linux 0.1.4 Beta

An anonymous reader had this to say: "-v.nice review,prof P -that cluttered dock You mention, also come on other distros -it's easily sent to the bottom of the deep blue sea,
if you chose to do so & you end up with a non-cartoonish desktop -just right click/properties... cheers".
Bodhi Linux creator Jeff91 had this to say: "Just a comment about the bar at the bottom - the last screen in the setup wizard entitled "quick launch" lets you choose what applications to include on that bar at the bottom. To display all of them as you have in those screenshots means that you checked off all the items. Oh also - the Enlightenment screenshot module is in the Bodhi repo. sudo apt-get install screenshot Cheers, ~Jeff Hoogland".
Also, in related news, the Enlightenment libraries (though not the WM itself) have reached a stable release. Furthermore, Bodhi Linux itself has gone from beta status to having a release candidate (RC). Wow!

Thanks to all those who commented this week. Once again, as I am back in school now, I won't be able to post as frequently. In any case, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!

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