Featured Comments: Week of 2013 May 26

There was one post this past week that got one comment, so I'll repost that one.

Review: SolydXK 2013.04.06

Reader Mechatotoro said, "Thanks for the useful review. I had not heard about SolydXK, so I will give it a try. Have you tried Mint Olivia yet? I'd like to hear your opinion since you are a Mint user and can therefore assess the system's general performance as compared to other versions of Mint... I'm also curious about the new themable login screen."

Thanks to him for leaving that comment. This coming week, I will have at least one review out along with at least one other post, as this is my last week at home before I go back to campus for the summer. Anyway, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!