Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake in Japan

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that a few days ago, a monster earthquake of magnitude 8.9 hit Japan and hit it hard. Some death toll estimates say 5000, others say 10000, and still others quote even larger numbers. It's been devastating to the people of Japan, and they need help.
This particular natural disaster has hit close to home because I have two Japanese friends from middle school who moved back to Japan for high school (and beyond). Thankfully, they are OK, but it is truly unfortunate that many people can't say the same thing.
I did my part by donating $20 to the relief effort through MIT's association of Japanese students. I strongly encourage, nay, urge, readers of this blog to do the same.
I've subscribed to the Philip DeFranco show (Sxephil) on YouTube, but I only watch it once in a while because too often it's about hot women, large breasts, and sex (or something along those lines). However, this time, Philip DeFranco has put together a truly moving video talking about the events in Japan, how to help, and how his mom called him just to make sure he's OK. I've embedded the video at the end of this post, and I encourage you all to watch it and either donate money or other supplies or send this to other friends to raise awareness in the hope that at least a few friends will donate.

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