Featured Comments: Week of 2011 March 6

Once again, I was afraid that I wouldn't write a post like this, but thankfully that hasn't happened. There were a handful of comments spread over a few posts, so I'll try to repost all of them.

Movie Review: The Social Network

Reader Abhijith said, "Good movie. I think it definitely deserves a second watch. Very engaging as you rightly pointed out."

A Disappointing Review of Bodhi Linux 0.1.6

Commenter Jeff91, who is also the lead developer of Bodhi Linux, said, "Thanks for the support mate."
Reader Emyr Bateman had this to say: "I too read the review that Dedoimedo did of Bodhi Linux and I also noted that there seemed to be an awful lot of hate going it's way. I have used Bodhi, and I can see its principles, you want Thunderbird as your only e-mail client, go ahead. You want Clementine, fill your boots! It also got me thinking, has this guy reviewed the net install of Arch?! Man you don't even get X!! What would he have made of Ubuntu Warty Warthog?" The truth is that Dedoimedo did try much more advanced distributions before, but his perspective has shifted to one of a Linux newbie, including the bad parts of that.
Commenter Juniper said, "Something about that review just didn't seem right. The unnecessary sarcasm and comments made it sound like propaganda so I had to check it out for myself. I could see a lot of work has gone into it. The only thing I didn't like was the learning curve, which I'm sure is just E-17. But that's not permanent, obviously. It becomes a non-issue once you've learned it. I suggest everyone try it for themselves before dismissing it as a pointless or broken OS."
Reader T_Beermonster had this counterpoint: "Well the fuss that dedo's negative review of Bodhi kicked up has actually prompted me to: a) try it out - not terribly impressed, it has some potential but I'm edging towards a pointless rating. b) write it up as a review in the wordpress blog I'd almost forgotten I set up. https://tbeermonster.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/on-bodhi/" I read that review, and it's a good review; although it comes to many of the same conclusions, the important thing is that it views such things neutrally and doesn't present too much of a snarky or mocking tone.

Review: openSUSE 11.4 KDE

An anonymous commenter said, "A fair and balanced review. Nice job :)"

Thanks to all those who commented on this past week's posts. I do have a comparison test coming up this week, although the contenders will remain secret until the post is published. Other than that, I'm not planning a whole lot because I'm still kind of busy with school work and other stuff. That said, my spring break is next week (more on that later), so I'll be able to write a lot more then. Remember, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!