Review: sidux 2010-01 "Hypnos"

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This is a really short review of sidux 2010-01 "Hypnos". In fact, there will be more background information than review content. Why is this so? First comes the background: sidux (yes, it is all lowercase) is a distribution built off of Debian's unstable "sid" branch of development (as is Ubuntu, but sidux stays closer to its Debian roots in terms of tools and customization of the system). It uses KDE by default, though Xfce (and maybe even other DEs) is (are) available. It is a rolling-release distribution, so the latest and greatest packages are available on sidux when they are released.
So why is this review so short? In VirtualBox, I got lucky once, and sidux actually booted to the KDE desktop; then, it froze, prompting me to force-quit the guest OS in VirtualBox. (For the record, I gave sidux 1024 MB of RAM and 12 MB of video memory, just like I do with other OSs I test in VirtualBox on my new computer.) Trying a couple of times more put me into a console, every time. I figured that maybe the AMD64 version was faulty, so I then tried the x86 version; I was experiencing the same problem here as well. (I also tried fiddling with some boot options, like the kernel and drivers used. Aside from the first time, this tweaking didn't help.) Quick web searches yielded no results regarding this issue. For now, I'll file sidux 2010-01 under "doesn't work now, maybe try again when I have more time".


  1. 12MB of video memory may be a bit stingy for KDE4 if sidux live session is booting but going to a command line.

    If you don't want to allocate more video memory maybe try some of the cheatcodes ( http://manual.sidux.com/en/cheatcodes-en.htm ) and booting to a fluxbox session and/or a low screen resolution.

  2. Why on earth did they choose "Ύπνος" for codename???
    It means "Sleep" in Greek. So:
    1)This release is very boring... or
    2)they made improvements to the sleep/hibernate function

  3. sidux releases have been named for greek gods. Starting with the primordial gods and then working down the children of Nyx (at least that is the sequence so far).

  4. @T Beermonster: Do you know if this is a problem with sidux specifically in VirtualBox? I haven't had any trouble with this little video memory with other KDE distributions (e.g. openSUSE, PCLinuxOS) in VirtualBox. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks!
    @L4Linux: Yeah, it confuses me too. I hope it signifies improved sleep/hibernate functions.
    @T Beermonster: That is true, but choosing "Hypnos" still seems rather strange.
    Thank you all so much for your comments!

  5. I have attempted to replicate your problem using the sidux-2010-01-hypnos-kde-lite-i386-201006131622.iso
    virtualbox ose 3.2.8, 1GiB RAM, 12MiB video
    running on a sidux amd-64 host

    Unfortunately I am unable to replicate your problem, though I am stunned that the lumbering behemoth of KDE manages to heave itself along with such small amounts of video memory.

    The Live environment and the installed environment both work for me however as previously mentioned I am running on a sidux host. I seem to remember someone on the sidux forums having trouble running in virtualbox on a windows host.

  6. @T Beermonster: Thanks for the information. I am running VirtualBox on a Linux Mint 64-bit host (and it's not working, either the i386 or amd64 versions).