Featured Comments: Week of 2010 September 12

There was again only one post this week that attracted comments.

Reflection: KDE 4.5

Commenter thegzeus also wonders why "Qt seems to be faster for some people and GTK for others, even across the same distro. I don't know why this is, but it seems to be the case." I too wonder why this is so, but I feel like it ultimately boils down to familiarity and preexisting perceptions.
Reader lefty.crupps also agrees that many problems are "based on adding KDE to your GNOME-based Mint install, although others are indeed just app preferences." Indeed.
Reader Tids points out that "gimp is an (gnu) image manipulation programm. krita isnt an manipulator, but a creator," while commenter Christian Gonzalez G. advises, "Your logout/shutdown problem seems to be related to GDM. Try to use KDM instead."
Finally, an anonymous reader points out that "[t]he Gtk integration problems are Gtk problems. :) Qt integrates very well in Windows and Gnome and this isn't Windows or Gnome merit."
Thank you all for commenting, and stay tuned for this week's round of posts!

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