Shakespeare's King Henry V: Full of Cliches

(For some reason on Linux Mint I can't get the keyboard shortcuts for accented letters to work right and it's a pain to manually insert them one at a time, so bear with me.)

OK, this post has nothing to do with Shakespeare, except that I was recently reading Lawrence Lessig's book Free Culture and I came across a passage telling of a person who thought that Shakespeare's play King Henry V was full of cliches.

(For those of you who don't get it, that play originated almost all of the phrases that the person in question called "cliches".)

Basically, I wanted to avoid the cliche of eponymously (is that even a word?) titling my first blog. As it seems, I have failed miserably.

In this blog, I will be discussing science, technology, politics, ethics (somewhat), other current events, cars, video games, movies, and basically anything else that comes to my mind.

That said, for any blog I follow, my favorite part (just above reading the blog post itself) is to read the user comments. They are sometimes funny and often provide great additional insight into the topic at hand (grammar?). I strongly encourage those who read this blog to comment; I also would love to hear criticism about anything I've written (and I'll respond to you or update the post in question ASAP). That said, please keep comments reasonably on-topic, constructive, and polite; as Ken Starks, the founder and leader of the Helios Project says,
Please post anything you want but do it with the thought of an 11 year old child sitting next to you. Our kids get exposed to enough garbage in the world, let's not add to it here. We can't "clean up" the internet, but we can do our part not to add to the garbage pile.
By the way, his project aims to give Linux-equipped computers away for free or for a nominal price (as far as I know) to financially disadvantaged families; his charity is non-profit but gladly accepts donations, so if you have money lying around, you want to do something charitable, and you support the cause of free software and the benefits it can bring to anyone (and specifically in this case financially disadvantaged families), I would encourage donating to him: http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/
(Disclaimer: I don't personally know him.)

If there is anything else you have to say or want me to talk about, please do let me know.
Happy reading!


  1. Hello, just wondering, does Linux have a language selector? If it does, that might help (I'm not really sure how to work the accent shortcuts since I usually type only in Chinese and English words that weren't borrowed from other languages.)Other than that have a great summer :}D

  2. @thomas
    Linux does in fact have a language selector. However, if you wanted to insert extra characters not immediately supported by the keyboard, doing so would be a pain because the usual character Alt+XXXX shortcuts aren't available in Linux. That said, I'm pretty sure almost all major Asian languages are supported, though you may have to manually turn on support for alternate character representations (top-down, right-left).
    Hope that helps!

  3. @anonymous:
    Aakash, I'm 99% sure it's you. It's OK man, put your name on your identity.
    Of course, if it's not really you (and please don't lie, I promise you don't really have an incentive to do so), then I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding.