Autofailblog: BMW-badged Mule

The Autofailblog series is an allusion to both Autoblog (of which I am a commenter) which reports on car news and other car-related stuff and Failblog (which I frequent) which shows pictures of funny stupid things people have done.
This particular image was taken from Failblog.

For those who can't see quite right, that's a rider on what looks like a mule; the mule (or whatever it is) has the famous BMW roundel on its head.
What's with that? Is this the new "Ultimate Driving Machine"?
Introducing the new BMW M0.00003 xDrive! (The M stands for "Mule" and alludes to BMW M, the 0.00003 alludes to the mule's lack of power compared to, say, a real BMW M3, and xDrive indicates all-wheel (or in this case, all-leg) drive, for car-neophytes.)
What's next, the Audi leg-Quattro?

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