Seventh Semester at College

How did I become a senior? It doesn't feel like orientation and freshman year happened that long ago.
Tomorrow is the first day of class for the 2013 fall semester. I'll be taking 8.07 — Electromagnetism II, 8.09 — Classical Mechanics III, 8.333 — Statistical Mechanics I (a graduate class), and 14.12 — Economic Applications of Game Theory. I'm looking forward to all of these classes along with continuing my UROP (which may transition sooner or later into a new project as I wrap up my current one). The bigger things I have to deal with though are graduate school applications and the Physics GRE. The latter will be over in a few weeks. The former will be going on until around the beginning of December, but I hope to be done a while before that. Hopefully this semester goes well. Good luck to everyone else for the start of their school year/job/whatever else!

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