Fifth Semester at College

Well, it has indeed happened. I am now a junior! Wait, what? When did this happen all of a sudden?
Classes start tomorrow, and this semester I'm taking 8.05 (Quantum Physics II), 8.13 (Experimental Physics I, also known as "J-Lab"), 8.231 (Physics of Solids), and 14.04 (Intermediate Microeconomic Theory); in addition, I am continuing my UROP from the summer. I'm most scared about J-Lab, because I've seen other friends take it in the past and I've seen how they have had essentially no time to do anything else (often even to the detriment of other classwork). Well, I'll see how it goes; while 4 classes and a UROP will be quite a time-crunch, I think I'll make it through OK. That said, this blog will probably see many fewer posts over the course of the semester. I guess I'll wait and see how that goes too.

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