Featured Comments: Week of 2012 May 13

There was no "Featured Comments" post last week because there were no posts the previous week. This past week, there were two posts that got quite a few comments, so I'll repost a few of those.

Review: SolusOS 1 "Eveline"

Reader DarkDuck said, "The paragraph about Live system should be in bold red colour. :-) Have you been able to check which repositories are used in SolusOS? I would thing they're not Debian standard because of Skype."
Commenter Bernard Victor had this to say: "I have switched from Linux Mint, as it is much easier on system resorces. It is extremely stable, and very easy to set-up. The only problem I am having is getting Skype to work properly. It does everything but I cannot hear myself ???? Give it a proper try. I'm sure that you willlbe impressed like every other reviewer I have read."
Reader Ikey Doherty, who created and is the lead developer of SolusOS, had these clarifications: "I'm happy to package a newer skype :) Also if you look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ you'll find we use backports, multimedia, and our own repo, which is now in the region of 6.6GB :) Regarding "process elevation" there is no root password on the live image, it's disabled for security reasons. You use sudo, which requires no password for the "live" user, so to become root: sudo su Et voila :) Other than those points, very very nice review :) Thank you very much and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to jump in on IRC or our forums, you'll find very welcoming people! :)"
An anonymous commenter said, "I tried solus on my netbook and I love it! Great OS, easy to set up, everything you should do to make debian a great desktop os is already done for you, so it saves a lot of time. It looks great, I really like the modified zuki blues theme. i'm pretty sure that solus will replace crunchbang 64bit on my desktop real soon! Thanks ikey, for this great distro!"

Review: ROSA 2012 "Marathon"

Reader Denis Koryavov, who I think is one of the higher-ups at ROSA, had this clarification: "Hello. Can you tell me what graphic card is used in the your laptop? If intel, then it is well-known bug, and it can be easily fixed: http://wiki.rosalab.ru/en/index.php/Errata_ROSA_Marathon_2012#Incorrect_resolution_with_Intel_graphics_cards"
Commenter akdengi, who also seems to be a ROSA developer, added, "Some problem for now is modeset for older card (such ATI < 2000HD or older Intel). In Mandriva 2011 many, many users will have blank black screen instead installer :( Generic driver (and working installer on many system) is more good, than not working system. This is hacked workaround, because solving of problem is not been simple - or using different syslinux menu list with/without modeset or using chainloading, like in Ubuntu and autodetect (but it's need more code change). In next update ISO release we try fix this problem."
Reader Wanderer said, "I so wanted to try ROSA, but it died on the boot up I suspect it did not want to play well with my nVidia 8400. I tried to find a work-a-round from a couple of forums, but ultimately chose to use Mageia 2(RC). Mageia worked wonderfully and is on the bleeding edge of Linux tech, especially because I invoked the testing repositories. I've not had a single problem with it. I read an article about GIMP 2.8 and the next day or day after it was on my updates list. I didn't mean to steal the show from ROSA. I did a live DVD not to long ago and it worked well and I wanted to try it again like I said. Oh well. Thanks for your review, I liked it."

Thanks to all those who commented on this past week's posts. This coming week, I have final exams through Wednesday, so I won't be able to post anything until Thursday which is when I get back home. In any case, if you like what I write, please continue subscribing and commenting!