So ACTA's Getting Passed After All

The title says most of it. It's supposed to be officially signed and enacted this weekend in a special ceremony. For new readers, you might notice in the sidebar a banner asking people to take action against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (also known as ACTA). Clicking on the banner will explain it to you a lot better than I ever could, but basically, there are so many problems with it, like the way it places liability on different people, how it allows for punishment just through accusation (without a fair trial), and stuff like that, just because the big recording and film industries can't adapt to the Interwebz; plus, the whole thing was negotiated in secret and repeated requests to reveal more information were turned down repeatedly for totally bogus reasons, which is completely against the openness and transparency the US is supposed to stand for.
It's official: President Barack Obama's stances on copyrights and patents when it comes to the recent bills he's signed disgust me, more than any other recent president's actions.