Featured Comments: Week of 2011 July 24

There were two posts that got quite a few comments each, so I'll try to repost a few from each.

Review: Kongoni 2011 "Firefly"

Reader Znurre said, "Interesting review, thanks! I also agree with your view that 'easy to use' must not always mean 'newbie friendly'. A system that is easy and fast to work with, although pretty advanced as in this case, could very well be a good candidate for that term."
Commenter DarkDuck had another review linked: " Another review for those interested in Kongoni..."
Reader RavS had a slightly different, more general question: "Hi Prashanth. Quite a comprehensive review you have written! well basically I am Linux Mint user and I wanted to do a similar review on my own distro and submit on Distrowatch. Can u tell me how did u submit your entry at the distrowatch? Did u just sent them your article via mail with link of the blog in the subject?"

Review: Chakra 2011.04-r2 "Aida"

Commenter seenivasan had practically the opposite experience: "After impressed by so many positive reviews,I decided to try Chakra.It miserably failed with mulyisystem.The installer failed repeatedly at 90% of the installation process (while copying the INIRAMFS).Then I tried with copying ISO image with dd.I was able to install Chakra wihout any hiccups.But the system ceased at rebooting citing some problems in identifying partitions (depite some tweakig in grub menu). In a deperate attemt to taste the flavour of Arch linux,I installed Arch base system in my Dell inspiron as my fifth OS(along with Windows,Linux Mint, Bodhi Linux and Fedora).I could not establish the dial up connection in Arch linux.I was not able to download packages to switch to graphical environment.I sucessfully chrooted the arch base into my Linux Mint.I downloaded my favourite XFCE packages.I am having Arch linux in XFCE environment.It is fast and I love working with it. I should be grateful to Chakra, as it was instrumental in promting me to install ARCH."
An anonymous reader supported my findings: "Chakra is the best KDE distro I've tried. It seems really fast and light on resources."
Another anonymous commenter had a solution for one of my issues with Chakra: "Regarding to that rekonq issue, there's no search engine enabled by default. You can choose one from rekonq settings --> search engines."
Yet another anonymous reader said, "Chakra is for those who really like KDE, as it is absent of GTK to the point of not installing Flash. One may install GTK stuff, but all up to the user, and the default way is through bundles. That's why it has the best implementation of KDE that I've ever seen. Some options are not available on install, since it isn't a mature distro yet. Never seen any other distro make the latest realease of KDE available on the stable branch as fast as they do, and working flawlessly."

Thanks to all those who commented on this past week's posts. This coming week, I plan to have an additional 2 reviews out, along with maybe two or three other posts. Once again, if you like what I write, please keep subscribing and commenting!

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