Thankfully, the US isn't the UK

I'm referring to this (Slashdot) piece on the White House releasing open-source code relating to Drupal.
I fully admit that I really have no idea what Drupal is. However, what is more significant is that the White House has released this code to the public for unlimited viewing, modification, and distribution.
I've read many articles and blog posts by Glyn Moody (e.g. this article here) describing how the UK government has essentially viewed open-source as blasphemy. I feared that, with ACTA and all, the US government would generally follow suit. Thankfully, my fears can now be (at least partially) assuaged. In fact, in that article (on Slashdot) itself is a link to a British observer's opinion piece on how the UK absolutely rejects open-source while paying lip service to the ideals of openness.

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