Microsoft's Gall

A few different news outlets are reporting Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing [which is anything but] VP's proposal to tax all computer users for malware that has spread to a large number of computers.
This post is going to be short because I have few (but strong) responses to this - the most important being raw disgust.
I mean, what?
Microsoft is making everyone pay to clean up their mess?
That takes a lot of gall to suggest.
The solution, of course, is to get people to move to Linux, BSD, [Open]Solaris, and maybe Mac OS X in the short term, and to get the employees at Microsoft to produce a decent version of Windows (is that really so hard?) in the long term.
No one would have to pay a tax, and productivity would shoot up like a rocket!
In the meantime, if this tax was actually to be instituted, considering that I will (in the very near future) become a tax-paying citizen, will I get a tax break for running Linux? I sure hope so.

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