Since When Was Admitting a Problem "Coming Clean"?

This stems from the news from a variety of outlets reporting that Mark McGwire has publicly admitted and apologized for his steroid use.
This, after lying to these same news outlets (and Congress, no less) only a few years ago that he didn't use steroids and that this persistent questioning wouldn't help.
Are our expectations of celebrities (from all fields) really this low?
When I was a little kid, I learned that to "come clean" was to do something great to make up for a certain failing in the past. Admitting wrongdoing is the first step, apologizing the second, and coming clean (by making up for it) the third.
Is it too much to ask McGwire to really come clean (and not just "come clean" as the media describes just admitting his steroid use)? Perhaps he could do community service and stuff like that, as Zinedine Zidane did after the World Cup (he announced his retirement after that series before the series started) final match where he headbutted Marco Materazzi in response to a provocation from the latter still unclear today.

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