Doug Hoffman Has Conceded (Again)

In New York's 23rd House district election this year, Democrat Bill Owens beat Conservative Doug Hoffman (after Republican Dede Scozzafava dropped out). Hoffman initially conceded.
I read in this week's Newsweek that Hoffman revoked his concession on Fox News, claiming a stolen election perpetrated by "liberals", "ACORN", and others.
For one thing, I have never heard of someone doing this.
For another, this is an incredibly childish move by a politician. Truly, it is juvenile to keep the race going.
In any case, when Bill Owens's lead surpassed the number of uncounted absentee ballots (or something like that, making it impossible for Hoffman to win), Hoffman suggested at conceding again when he chose not to call for a recount.
Thank God that's over.

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