Senior Pictures - Stealing?

I had my senior pictures taken 2 weeks ago. I opted for the "bronze" level of picture-taking which was $25.
I got my picture proofs and the order forms for portraits this week. I seriously considering getting portraits until I saw the prices.
Does anyone realize how outrageous it is for someone to pay $54 for a single 8x10 portrait? One can get the same size and quality portrait from Target for under $20. I can guarantee that.
What exactly does LifeTouch do that makes these portraits so darn expensive? I can't fathom this. I think their prices are outright theft, plain and simple.
If you ask me what portraits I'm getting, I'll tell you: I'm making my own portraits from my proofs on GIMP. It'll take time, but it costs $0, thank you very much.
Did anyone else get portraits and/or was anyone else outraged by these exorbitant prices?

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